4 Things Every Well-Dressed Man Must Own This Season

Ah, the season’s change – we look forward to it four times a year.  It’s symbolic of new starts, renewed energy and of course, the latest must-haves in fashion.  Keep reading for our take on what this season’s well-dressed man keeps in his closet.

Tweed Me

Calvin Klein has an incredible tweed suit this season.  Designed by Zucchelli exclusively for CK, this is one of those suits that cause a pause, demand a double take and insist on an inquiry. 

Pretty Green is Pretty Hot

If you haven’t pre-ordered your Pretty Green Jumper, what are you waiting for?  We all know Liam Gallagher, talented soul that he is, is offering everything in this spectacular line as a limited edition.  Once it’s gone, well, it’s gone.  Wondering what to select?  Consider the Pretty Green Jacket in red.  It’s sporty, looks great with everything and demands attention.

Mickey Rourke Style

GQ’s 2009 Man of the Year, although a bit controversial at times, can’t be denied his great taste in clothes.  For Rourke, it’s all about patterns and colors – and for the most part, he defines it as he dresses each day.  The one thing Rourke brings to the table is his unpredictable wardrobe.  Hey, we’re all for individuality.  On that note, might we suggest some great looking accessories that will allow you to define your own style on a daily basis too?  Consider a great scarf or new sunglasses for that winter sun or better still, how about one of the newsboy caps?  Usually made of wool, this is a favorite new look that many are beginning to adopt.

Kick Up the Latest Footwear

There are some red hot styles in men’s footwear this season.  It’s all about the boots!  No one says it has to be bulky and heavy though.  There are some awesome new styles, particularly in those that go no further than the ankle, that are lightweight and made with extraordinary leathers that push your style to the edge.

Now you have it.  Four great styles that ensure you remain current in the latest trends in fashionable men’s wear.  Remember, it’s up you to define that style and once you do, wear it like you own it!

Source by Phil Stott

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