If you’ve been considering buying beaded bags, then you probably love to shop. Let’s be honest, we all love to shop a little bit. The only real problem is finding and buying bags that you actually like. Even though there are tons of different varieties in any store, it still can sometimes feel impossible to find one that matches your personality or outfits perfectly. In order to help match your style, it’s helpful to know the different kinds of beaded bags to help narrow your search and decide which best suit you.

The first and most popular style is the vintage beaded bag. These are usually designed to replicate bags that were made somewhere between the 1920s and the 1950s, and they just have a very retro and vintage feel to them. They tend to work really well with people who dress more conservatively, or for those that need to maintain a more professional or business oriented look. The only downside to these bags is that because they’re designed to fit in more with their earlier times, they tend to be pretty conservative in nature and there are not a lot of bright colors available.

The next category would be the organza beaded bags. Though many of these have been discontinued, they continue to be extremely popular for those that have a lot of purses or bags. They’re light, easy to carry, and very well handmade with excellent beadwork. Though some of these may be harder to find than others, they’re well worth the extra effort and have excellent aesthetics and durability.

Both of these bags fall under the very broad category of being evening bags, though there are many other subcategories as well. While the beaded evening bags tend to be a little bit more formal, they’re not always more expensive. In fact, many are very reasonably priced even though they’re done completely by hand. The key to finding the perfect beading that matches your style and personality is to have a lot of selection a look through, then narrow down to what you like.

This obviously makes the Internet a much better vehicle for shopping than going to retail outlets. There are many reasons for this. The first is selection. A website doesn’t have limited retail space, so it can carry a much larger selection. Additionally, you can look at a lot of bags and then simply bookmark the ones that you like. Lastly, there’s the added benefit of not having to waste gas or deal with crowds of people during sales, so go get online and get a beaded bag that matches you perfectly!

Source by Ernesto L

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