Ready to hit the school grounds? To start the first day of class you should have all the basic apparel and accessories must-haves so that you will not look lost or be branded as un-cool. So, for the year 2010 the basic fashion pancake for school goers is all about comfort and fitness with a squeeze of sexiness. For the guys it is all about clean look and a showing off your muscle.

Here is your guide on how to look cool for the school year without spending so much on new stuff rather incorporating your old clothes with the latest accessories like hobo bags and silver bangles.


1. For those women who have darker skin tone o not use bright colored clothes like neon green or fuchsia stay on the neutral side of the color wheel. However, you can play up with any colors with your accessories. If you are wearing a brown blouse with jeans you can pair it up with a bright color red handbag or perhaps a yellow hobo bag. Do not overdo it by wearing two or more bright colors either by your accessories or make up.

2. For women who have medium skin tone or those who just had a tan. You can wear any color that you want but the rule is to use only one accent color at a time. For example, you have a white sundress on and a pink bag paired with a pink flat sandals. Avoid using any other bright colors. However, you can use silver bangles or loop earrings to complete your look. For the make up you can choose a cherry color lip gloss, light pink blush on and a mascara fo your everyday look when you are in class. Do not wear heavy make up when you are in school. It is absolutely a big NO…NO.

3. For women with lighter skin tone. It would look best if you wear a dark colored clothes. You can play up with your eye shadow, you can match the color of your eyes with your eye shadow. If you have a contact lens then it would be fun. Also for the hair, you can have it straight and if you feel sexy you can curl it with the help of curling iron and a styling mousse. Do not forget to hit the salon for a complete foot spa with pedicure. A clean feet is always best when wearing a sandals.

Source by Greg Pierce

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