The form and the design of the clothes are constantly reinvented and recreated in the fashion industry. Many clothing items display the influences of the 1950s as a result of designer’s interest in this period of time.

The hairstyles and the outfits of Hollywood stars are all inspired by the look of the 50s. These vintage garments can be found anywhere in shops and women may choose a wide variety of items from dresses to t-shirts and to accessories. Accessories are very useful for women who do not want to change their wardrobe, yet want to be keep up with the latest fashion trends.

High waist trousers look a little bit different now than they used to during the 50s when they were first worn. Designers prefer flared high waist pants, but there are many other options that may be created with a pair of skinny high waist jeans.

High waist pants may not be very easy to match, but once you choose the right model you can be sure every woman will envy you for your outfit. If you want to select the right pair of trousers you need to take into consideration several dressing rules before buying and wearing such outfits.

Given the fact that these pants tend to emphasize burliness and to shorten figures, buxom ladies might wrongfully think that only tall and slim women can wear them. On the contrary, short women can also wear pants, but they must match them with a pair of high heeled shoes.

Flared high waist pants are very good for women who want to mask unaesthetic portions of their body and to draw the attention on their waist, therefore stylists recommend them to buxom ladies. Skinny jeans are, on the other hand, more appropriate for slim women because flared pants tend to confer a sloppy aspect to these women. Women who have an elongated waist need to look for moderately pants that can balance their figure.

Tight fitting tops are obligatory with high waist pants because loose t-shirts in combination with these pants create a careless aspect. For a casual or office look, women may opt for a shirt or a t-shirt. These tops must be tucked in because the central element of these outfits is the high waist and it must be displayed.

Source by Jack Wogan

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