Lady Gaga is one celebrity who has such a different style sense, it may kick you off your seat. But this style can be extremely helpful because you can try any look of her’s as your Halloween costumes for Halloween 2010. To look like this popular celebrity, you can look online for her costumes and buy them for Halloween.

The main thing about her costumes is that a headgear is always present. Weird, big, and oddly shaped headpieces are worn by Lady Gaga almost with every dress. Her hair is usually a wig, brightly colored and of varying lengths. You do not have to get a wig, just work with the length you have to make a hairstyle like her. Her makeup is all about loud eyes and nude lips. Her eyes have lots of fake lashes and heavy glitter. Body art is all over and lots of stickers complete her look. High heels is another style typical of Lady Gaga. Big heels in various colors, and odd shapes is the true Lady Gaga look. Finally, the eye wear. Her huge shades in bold colors are very popular. Wear bling frames with dark hues to get the complete Lady Gaga Halloween costume.

There are so many costumes, you will have to look for the one you want to sport. One really popular look is the Bubble look. Made by a Hussain Chalayan, this suit is made of plastic spheres and corset. The look is very suitable for Halloween and can easily be found online.

One of the more simpler outfits of Lady Gaga is the frog coat. Made from many kermit the frog stitched together, this coat was less wackier than what she wears usually, and can easily be put together for Halloween. Body suits in a variety of materials like metallic, meat, leather are a signature of this famous singer and celebrity. Buy online to get many discounts for the outfits.

Source by Pamella Evanoff

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