Spring is here and so are the latest fashion trends. We all know about the bright colors that have overtaken the market. Several people are trying to adopt these new fashion trends in order to look good. However, you would be surprised at the number of mistakes you can make with spring dresses. While these do seem to be simple and easy to wear, you can still go wrong and look awkward. This is why you should always consider a few things before deciding on your spring wardrobe. You should particularly avoid a few major mistakes. Here are some of these.

This spring is all about bright colors. However, some people make a major mistake and overdo this trend. Remember that going for bright colors does not mean that you should pair these up. Ideally, you should always pair up a bright color with a neutral one like black or white. Wearing a dress totally made up of vibrant colors will simply make you look awkward. Therefore, make sure that you wear balanced combinations instead of the ones that look unpleasantly bright.

Another major mistake made while choosing spring dresses is that of believing that wearing anything except skin-tight trousers will look weird. This is not the case at all! While skinny jeans and tights certainly are in fashion, you do not have to go for them if you feel that they do not suit you. For example, if you are slightly overweight, you can go for straight trousers. Wearing these will not make you look old fashioned in any way.

Another fashion mistake seen very commonly in spring is that of choosing the wrong accessories. Ladies, remember that the bright accessories you have been reading about are limited in number. For example, a bright red handbag with a plain dress can be an absolute stunner. On the other hand, wearing bright wrist bands that do not even match your dress will not get you anywhere. You must choose your accessories very carefully!

The bright lip color craze is yet another common mistake people are making this spring. Sure, red lip color looks brilliant. However, this does not mean that you do not need to consider your skin tone. For example, if you are too fair, you will look too weird with a bright red lip color. In such a case, you should go for a subtle red or a dull orange one. Therefore, do not simply walk into the cosmetics’ store and ask for a red color. Know the shade of red that suits your skin tone!

Source by Shelia Z Smithson

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