Around spring time each year, people get in the mood of organizing and reorganizing their homes. This idea became known as “spring cleaning.” It is during this time that many families host garage sales for all the items they would like to get rid of. They feel that a garage sale is a great idea since it helps them have less clutter in their house and earn some money at the same time.

When going through their garages people find all sorts of interesting things they forgot they owned. People have their children’s old clothing in bins that they stored for their future children. They have old documents or projects made by their children that they were too nervous to let go of. Others have lots of different tools and tool sets that come in handy every once in a while. Although a good percentage of the items that you will find in the garage will be broken and useless, there will be many things that you can really enjoy using. The main thing is to try to make use of the different items you find in your garage. If you find various bins and baskets, use them to organize the drawers in your house. If you come across brand new baby clothes that were never opened, give them away as baby gifts when going to a baby shower. If you see you have some nice picture frames in the garage, fill them with the latest pictures and hang them all over your walls. It will make you house a lot more homey and cozy.

A great thing that people find when cleaning out their garage is a car cover. Sometimes people buy car covers when they are on sale or receive car covers from relatives who owned extra ones, and store them in their garage. The problem is that forget that they even own a car cover and they don’t bother making use of it. This is the wonderful thing about spring cleaning. You can take your precious car cover out of its little dark corner and actually use it to protect your car. Once you start using the car cover you will see how crucial it is. You will realize how much damage of your vehicle could have been avoided had you used the car cover all along.

In conclusion, spring is a great time to reorganize your garage and get rid of clutter. Although some things will need to be thrown out since they are ruined or useless, there are many things that can be put to good use. These items can enhance your home and make it the place you want it to be.

Source by Etty Cohen

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