Today’s typical American females are bigger than in our history. Clothing makers are finally discovering this fact and are now focusing much more marketing attention upon plus size women. A recent study states that nearly $32 billion worth of plus size clothing was purchased in 2005. In the recent few years the plus size clothing market has exploded by fifty per cent.

Research shows that 62 percent of American women are, in fact, overweight or obese. Studies further indicate that the plus size clothes market will increase another ten per cent in the next ten years.

Better than fifty per cent of the respondents in the one study replied that they purchase plus size clothing. By far,the largest group of plus size clothing providers are online catalog retailers such as Woman Within and Roamans. Local and national retail chains are also recognizing the plus size clothing explosion also, with retailers such as Bon Ton, JC Penny, and even Wal Mart augmenting their better known labels to include larger sizes.

Plus size fashion and clothing design choices are extensive – a lot more so than ten years ago or so. Seemingly forever, women have been forced to shop from a small and limited plus size clothing selection. the styles these days are much more figure flattering and have more diversity, the manufacturer’s are widening their product lines and plus size clothing is mass merchandised in a manner never done previously.

Promotion and prominence of celebrities such as Oprah, Queen Latifah and also comedian Mo’Nique have done much to enhance the acceptability of the plus size clothing industry. It’s become obvious to clothing manufacturers that obesity is profitable, and these women have and will spend the money to look fashionable. They rush to shop at plus size clothing stores, departments, online outlets and catalogs.

Source by Diana Larson

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