Belts are among the most useful accessories to us. They are functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. They effectively keep your pants or trousers from falling off and they give you that trendy look. They are also great to give away as gifts when you have no idea on what to give someone. After all, both men and women of any age or race wear belts. Every person surely needs a belt. But did you know that there are different types of belts available? Each of these belts has its own unique characteristics. They can also range from dressy to casual. So, each of the types of belts definitely has a purpose.

Anyway, the leather belt is the most popular among the different types of belts. It is actually a classic, so it never goes out of fashion. The thin variety that includes a metal buckle is a favorite of men. Such thin belts are usually available in earth colors such as black or brown. Women, on the other hand, like belts whether they are thick or thin. The types of belts available for women are plenty. They can be made from different materials. They also come in various colors and lengths. In addition, the belts that are designed for women have fancy buckles.

These belt buckles are usually made of metal with color tones of gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Their shapes may be round, square, or oval. Then again, the belt buckles may also be plain, depending on the types of belts they are included in. Conversely, there are studded belts that feature small lumps of studs or metal shapes that are positioned in rows. Moreover, chain belts are the types of belts that are all metal and with joined hollow links that look like the ones in necklace chains.

Suede belts are also preferred by men and women. These types of belts are either plain or embossed with patterns. They are also usually available in assorted colors. Suede belts for men normally sit close to their hips while the belts for women serve as waist or hip accessories. Nonetheless, there are also synthetic types of belts. These belts usually imitate leather, but they are much more affordable. They are not as durable as leather, though; but they still last for a long time if well taken cared of.

Furthermore, there are elastic cinch belts that are made of elasticized fabric. Well, they are typically wide. They may also feature elongated metal fasteners and buckle accents. Generally, the elastic belts of men are narrower. They are also often available in stripes or colors that complement sports attires. Also, the buckles may feature a sliding type of closure instead of the traditional holes and notches fastening method.

Source by Joey Caparas

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