Looking good no matter the season is something all women desire. We all try to get as many fashion tips as we can from famous designers on what to wear. But the only way we can look good in an outfit is by feeling comfortable in it and really enjoying it. Summer comes each year with a great variety of new designs and cuts. The main thing they have in common each year is the fact that vaporous fabrics are used. Dresses are the best way to look beautiful and face the hot temperatures.

If you are wondering what type of dress you should wear, here are some trends designers set for this season’s collections on womens clothing:

1. Maxi dresses. Wearing a maxi dress you can feel really comfortable and look very feminine at the same time. Though they are considered casual, you can be really sexy in a long split dress. Choose light fabrics, in colors that will compliment your tan. Try long necklines or strapless ones for a more sophisticated look. You can wear them whether if you go out with your friends, or if you go on a party. They can also be frilled or multi-layered.

2. Asymmetric dresses. One strap dresses have been fashionable for a while now. And still continue to attract women’ s attention. They look very stylish and upscale, and women just love to feel special and different from the rest. Some people think that asymmetric dresses are extravagant, and can be worn only at special occasions. But if you think they represent your style, feel free to wear them anytime. Just pick an appropriate color and fabric and be as wild as you desire. Don’t forget about the draped dresses. They are present on almost any catwalk nowadays.

3. Little black dress. Coco Channel’s little black dress never goes out of fashion. Season after season it still seams to be the right choice for every occasion. This summer’s trends introduce feminine fabrics like lace and sheer silk for those of us who dare to show more skin. Some designers even opt for leather, but really high temperatures make this fabric less appropriate.

4. Belts are a must. Like the last season, this summer belts are very fashionable too. Even if you choose a simple dress, or a multilayered one, belts look hot and put an emphasis on your waistline.

5. Prints. Prints have made their comeback. And where to wear prints better than on dresses. Even if they are stripes, flowers, or bold geometrical prints, you must have at least one of them in your wardrobe.

Source by Jack Wogan

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